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A Chicken in Every Pot…A Pop-Tart in Every Toaster

It’s nearly election day. You haven’t read anything political on this blog because I don’t really follow what’s going on.

Which is why you should vote for me, Thoughtsy Appear, in your write-in vote. Lorraine will be my running mate.

I promise you…

  • A chicken in every pot.
  • A car in every garage.
  • A Pop-Tart in every toaster.
  • Ice cream in every freezer.

And a Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Plan. I can’t believe this topic didn’t come up in the debates.

Also, people keep talking about a bacon shortage. What about a potential chocolate shortage? Why isn’t anyone worried about that?

In addition to a Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Plan, we’ll need a Chocolate-Shortage Readiness Plan as well. These will be my first orders of business.

Remember…a vote for me is a vote for chocolate.

Haaaaave you met Chase? He has like a bazillion kids, but they’re all cute so it’s ok.

I Won the Pumpkin Battle

They had me outnumbered….

But I triumphed.

The Awards I’ve Been Stockpiling

I know what some of you are thinking. It’s something along the lines of this:

WTF, Thoughtsy. I gave you an award months ago, and you haven’t posted it. Oh, Homework, Thoughtsy, I hate you. You stink. I wish I could wash you away in the sink….

Here’s where I post all of the awards at the same time and break all the rules about telling you 7 things about myself. 

For the last award, I told you what kind of cheese I liked.


If you really want to know 7 things about me, ask me a question in the comments. Or go read 7 posts. Do a little leg work. I can’t spoonfeed and spoil you for the rest of your life.

Despite my half-ass participation, I do want to thank everyone who passed along an award to me. I love you! Your Pop-Tarts are in the mail.

And I’m passing the awards along to anyone who’s having a bad day. May one of these awards cheer you up!

Housekeeping. You Want Clean Towels?

Things have been a bit crazy the past couple weeks, and in the chaos, I neglected to mention that I had a visitor: The Oma.

I took him to the Baltimore Aquarium, to see some fireworks, and to visit with the Skylanders. And after a visit with Princess Atta, he wrote a Movies Teach Us post on A Bug’s Life.

Next order of business…I’m moving. Instead of, the new blog address with be

That’ll happen soon. Like this weekend. Maybe later today. Hopefully, nothing will change. Hopefully, you won’t have to resubscribe. But if you don’t receive a post from the blog Monday morning, you may need to send out a search party.

Have a great weekend!


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