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Cee Lo and I Save the Environment

Do you remember your dreams?

I usually don’t…except the dream where Kiefer left me for Maggie Gyllenhaal. Jerk.

But when I woke up this morning, I actually remembered my dream.

I was standing at the edge of a dock overlooking a lake. In the water next to the dock, was a canoe. And someone was beckoning to me to get into the canoe.

That someone was Cee Lo.

Cee Lo wanted me to get in the canoe with him. Why? Because a canoe ride was going to be our date.

Thoughtsy: But, Cee Lo, I already have a boyfriend. He wouldn’t like me climbing into canoes with other guys. We just don’t have that kind of open relationship.

After a few minutes of back and forth, I was about to walk away from Cee Lo’s outstretched hand when I saw…an otter.

And he was covered in oil. There had been an oil spill in the lake! NOOOOO!

I jumped into the canoe with Cee Lo and ordered him to paddle.

Thoughtsy: Hurry, Cee Lo! We have to save the otter!

What do you think my dream means? I think Kiefer could learn a lesson from my dream: Kiefer, beware of men bearing otters.

Favorite Comment from Previous Post: “Doesn’t everyone think Bob Hoskins is *very* sexy as Smee in Hook? No? Just me then.”—Alone With Cats

Will Run for Cupcakes

I ran a 5K on Sunday.

I ran for Cakes for a Cause.

I ran to help young people who are transitioning out of the foster care system.

I ran for a free cupcake…even though it was hot as balls outside.

I ran for a real cupcake. Not this one. This cupcake is my friend. Friends don’t eat friends who are dressed as cupcakes.

Update: Here’s proof that I actually ran. I had a cute cupcake crown, too, but it fell off.

Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

Dear Medics,

In the past, I’ve posted about the Soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but today I’d like to thank you, the medics.

Awhile back I attended a Special Operations medical conference in Tampa. (See? I told you I was in the Special Ops with Pauly Shore.)

Several of the speakers at the conference were medics in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And those medics are stronger than I am. Why?

Not just because I tend to scream things like Ewwww! Blood! But because of triage.

Seeing there is nothing you can do to save a patient, having the patient beg you not to leave, and then moving on to the next person in hopes that you can save him. And doing that over and over again.

Why else?

  • Because you treated wounded children.
  • Because you couldn’t do anything for some of those children.
  • Because you held fellow Soldiers as they passed away.
  • Because although you did everything that you could, lives were still lost.
  • Because you do that day after day…again and again.

It’s not just military medics that do that, people in the civilian world (like fellow blogger Esme) do their best to save lives every day.

Thank you for not only saving lives, but also for trying.


Today is the last day of Write a Letter of Appreciation Week. Maybe write a thank you note to a medic, doctor, nurse, or anyone else that you think deserves it today.

Where’s Your Movember Moustache?

Q: What’s the male equivalent of the mammogram?

A: The doctor puts his finger somewhere uncomfortable…like the back of a Volkswagen.

Everybody knows what Save the Ta Tas means. But do you know what Movember means?

Starting November 1, men all over the world stopped shaving the hair above the lip. The funds raised by these men support health programs for prostate cancer (and other male-specific cancers).

To show my support, I sported my own moustache at a bar crawl this weekend.

Pregame Curly Moustache

The group I was with got some crazy looks, and lots of people asked what was going on.

Stranger #1: Why are you wearing that moustache?

Me: What moustache? (I totally should have said that. I lose cool points for letting that opportunity pass by.)

Seductive Crooked Moustache

Stranger #2: I don’t know if I’m disturbed by that or oddly turned on. I think I’m turned on.

Me: ::runs away::

Even Hello Kitty (Blarney) had a moustache.

Feel free to donate to a team of my friends or some other moustacheteers.

Walk a Mile (or 10) in Her Shoes

Last year I participated in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (Are You Man Enough?). And I did it again this year. This year was the 10th anniversary of the walk to stop violence again women.

Are you man enough to wear heels...and paint your nails?

Men gathered in the cold, rainy weather on Saturday to walk a mile…in heels. High heels. Heels I wouldn’t even walk a mile while wearing.

I want these.

I let someone borrow my knee-high boots, but I was sure to get all the compliments.

Black Knee Highs are mine.

Woman: Great boots!

Boot Wearer: They’re hers.

Me: They’re mine!

…1/4 mile later…

Man: Nice hooker boots!

Me: They’re mine!

Boot Wearer: I love that you still owned up to that.

The money the men raised went to the Heartly House, a local organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

Did you know…

  • 1 in 4 college women experience a completed or attempted rape during their college years. (This year a group of guys from a local college walked to show their support.)
  • In America, every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted.
  • Around the world, 1 woman in every 3 has been beaten or sexually abused.
  • Only half of domestic violence incidents are reported to the police.
  • Somewhere in America, a woman is battered (usually by her intimate partner) every 15 seconds.


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